Phụ kiện tuỳ chọn Tủ sấy XU058 (France-Etuves, Pháp)

  • Hãng sản xuất France-etuves

Phụ kiện tuỳ chọn Tủ sấy XU058 (France-Etuves, Pháp)

Phụ kiện tuỳ chọn Tủ sấy XU058 (France-Etuves, Pháp)

Door with viewing windowsTo see and control the contents of the oven. Windows dimensions (WxD) : 200x200mm

hublot xu058               hublot xu058

Digital weekly program timerSet times of operation of the oven for each day of the week. 
Ventilation is stopped only when the oven temperature has fallen to 80°C to prevent damage to the fans.

horloge digitale                    horloge digitale etuve

Cycles profiler 4 programs with 16 segmentsUnlike the C3000 controller which allows a 3 segments program (delayed start, heating-up, temperature stabilization), the programmer WEST6400 will allow you to define up to 4 programs with 16 segments each.

Ideal if you need to heat at different temperatures during your process or provide gentle temperature drops.

programmateur west6400                  west 6400

Profiler + digital recorder 4 channelsAllows the creation of temperature programs and recording those measured.
Large graphic display for real time monitoring of temperature changes.
1 channel for control, 3 channels available. The option includes the programmer/recorder NANODAC, USB and RJ45 ports and the oven top dimension.

nanodac          nanodac xu112

Air outlet extractorThe air outlet extractor captures the exhaust air at the exit of the oven and evacuates it into a duct system.

extracteur rejet         extracteur rejet étuve

Air cooling extractorOption not available on this product
Entry port Ø60mmCentered on the left side. Allows the passage of cables or sensors. Replaces Ø20mm entry port. With silicone plug.

passage 60mm                   passage 60mm

Key-lock doorPrevents the opening of the oven’s door
Stop fan and heating when the door is openedA sensor is connected to the door. Ventilation and heating are stopped when the door is opened. Protects the user