Tủ sấy chân không

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Tủ sấy chân không

Tủ sấy chân không

hãng: France Etuves, xuất xứ Pháp

XFL050 XFL120


Our XF vacuum ovens are suitable to realise all those applications:

  • Moderate drying for sensitive products
  • Fast drying
  • Degassing / Degassing of metal
  • Bleeding
  • Heating of metal parts for surface treatment
  • The vacuum avoids oxidation by air
  • Polymerization vacuum -> without oxidation
  • Degassing sillicone parts for manufacturers of connectors
  • Sensor of high pressure that must be filled with special oil to protect the sensing element: remove the air from the cavity to fill with oil (vacuum).
  • Test / Calibration of barometers
  • Welding by electron beam under vacuum at 400°C
  • Degassing gel candles to eliminate air bubbles
  • Dehydration of powder solvend soaked

Các model

xfl050-1 xfl120-1 xfl-2021


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