Pipet một kênh điều chỉnh thể tích, AHN, Đức

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Pipet một kênh điều chỉnh thể tích, AHN, Đức

Pipet một kênh điều chỉnh thể tích, AHN, Đức
pipet4u® Performance
Manual Pipettes

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Tropfen Accurate and reliable pipetting
Reverse pipetting option for accurate and precise aspirating and dispensing of viscous liquids / Innovative soft grip prevents transfer of heat to internal components ensuring accurate pipette operation / Lock counter mechanism prevents volume changes
Tropfen Comfortable and effortless pipetting
Light weight pipette design / Ergonomic design for easy operation / Ergonomic grip shape / Ergonomic pipetting button for easy volume setting and low strain pipetting (minimizes RSI)
Tropfen Sterile handling - Fully autoclavable pipette
Tropfen Easy and quick maintenance and adjustment – With the included tool
Tropfen No loss of samples – Blow out system allows last drop dispensing


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